Fast Water Damage Repairs

We Excel with our Refined Skills and Expertise.

FROM £20

We are experts in water damage repairs to laptop, MacBook, PC and Mac. Our crack team of technicians is versed in the art of resurrecting all kinds of liquid damage to electronic devices. Our price are reasonable and affordable with the initial liquid damage full service clean from £20 - £45 (£20 for most smart phones and tablets, £35 for laptops and £45 for MacBook and Mac) depending on what device you may have. The time scale of the intense clean can also depend on the device and how it responds to the intensive liquid damage clean. If any parts or components need replacing we will always provide you with a full quote before any components or parts are replaced.

Unrivalled Service

In most case we can recover my data even if the device is beyond economical repair. Liquid Damage is the most involving repair procedure our technicians face, in rare we have to replace components and micro-chips to get the device to power on. Usually with liquid damage devices you will most likely need a new battery but in some case the device may be totally unrepairable or beyond economical repair. We can also provide engineers reports for all devices if you do decide to claim from your insurance company.

We do not provide any warranty with water damage repairs carried out by ourselves but we will provide a warranty on any parts we have replaced. Please bring water damage devices as soon as possible and disconnect them from any electrical power, for example by pulling the battery out. Never try to charge up or power on a water damage device as it will decrease its reparability and increase the repair time.

There is a high chance we can resurrect your laptop, pc or smartphone from prominent death by drowning, in some cases where we cannot fully fix your device we can still retrieve your data just call one of our representatives for further information. Some of the most common liquid damage accidents are dropped in the toilet sink or a bucket of water, spilled beer over your laptop or iPhone, put in washing machine or even went swimming with it, all can be repaired!