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Customers are usually in a predicament when selecting the most affordable and appropriate company to use for their mac repairs; we guarantee by selecting our company you are making the superb choice. Unfortunately we have seen many repairs that have been carried out by fly-by-night repair garages setting up on every street corner with so called experts but these are “Jack of all trades but masters of none” these perpetrators can completely damage your Apple Mac beyond economical repair employing unskilled staff.

Macbook Pro

The Classic MacBook Pro is one of our favourite as it has been around for so long our technicians know it like the back of their hand. The trusty MacBook Pro is a breeze to repair by our certified Mac technicians, we carry all Apple Mac parts in stock and provide a quick turnaround for any repair, the most common repairs are screen replacement, hinge replacement, keyboard replacement and water damage repairs.


The iMac are beautifully constructed and a pleasure to work on, we can replace the screens or fix backlight problems for all our customers without replacing the expensive screen we keep this method a closely guarded secret, call the store for more information. We can increase the speed of your iMac by upgrading the RAM memory of the machine or upgrade the Hard Disk Drive to an ultra fast SSD. We are also able to carry out all kind of maintenance work your Apple iMac may need, including software issue you may experience with Mac OS X. Please call the store and speak to a tech for further information.

Mac Mini

We were the first company in Leeds to offer a full service solutions for the Mac Mini with its powerful processor and its robust graphics card. This device is so small you can put it in your pocket but so powerful you can do very resourceful processing, such as video editing, at great speed. We have repaired many of these mini-beast and have vast knowledge regarding this little device. With the Mac mini you just plug your mouse keyboard combo in and attach to any monitor and away you go! All repairs to the Mac Mini carry a "no quibble" 12 months warranty.



Not only do we have the largest most well equipped repair store in the UK, we also have the right tools to ensure a high quality job.


Not only do we have the largest most well equipped repair store in the UK, we also have the right tools to ensure a high quality job.


Our Techs are intimately familiar will all current and vintage Mac systems, including iMac and MacBook Pro.


The Mac Pro of Apple is a small but very powerful device taking up less space in the house or office, we have intensive knowledge in repair this device we offer a full service solution for this small but powerful device. We use these machines in our head office and have carried out repairs on them a number of times, including a water damage repair from the floods in 2015 December. If you encounter issues with your Mac Pro, using iPhone Repair Bradford is your best choice with our experienced Mac technicians.

MacBook Pro Retina

With the MacBook Pro Retina Display, we can expertly replace the full Retina screen unit with another in the space of a couple of hours in some cases the customer prefers a complete top unit (Original Apple Lid + screen factory sealed) we leave the choice to our customers as there us a price difference in both parts. On the MacBook Pro Retina Display we can replace the battery, charging port, keyboard and the trackpad the same day please call the store for prices as each repair as a different price depending on the model.