Our Founder

Our new founder, Kevin, is an intriguing individual with an exciting story to tell. Kevin was born in France and pursued his innate desire to solve problems from a young age. At the tender age of 14 Kevin began to repair TVs and computers for his neighbours in France, having been present in the family business since a young age Kevin used his proficiency and finesse to service the electrical devices. The standard of his work was flawless, so good that this small hobby soon turned into a successful business, Kevin's desire to successfully repair devices still burns strong to this day.

A few years later Kevin visited the delightful city of Leeds on his visit to the UK, he later returned several times and having fallen in love with the city especially Horsforth Kevin decided to move here. Upon moving to Horsforth in 2012 Kevin acquired a small phone shop that offered very limited repairs. Kevin had a vision to diversify, develop and refurbish this shop, fast forward 3 years and the once small phone shop is now a 1500 sq ft mega store featuring a state of the art pristine repairing suite. In addition to this Kevin has founded the Precision Repairs brand which has grown at an exponential rate and built an impeccable reputation over the last 3 years. Kevin's vision has become a reality; his mission now is to serve the lovely residents of Yorkshire.

Kevin can speak over 5 different languages including French, Italian and Swahili. He regularly participates in charity events, completing a marathon every year for various charities. Kevin's community spirit originates from his upbringing in France, coming from a very tight knit community Kevin feels that community spirit is imperative and regularly encourages this throughout his store to both his customers and staff.

Our Story

We have been repairing iPhones since their inception, in the intervening period we have built up a solid reputation for offering not only the quickest service, but also the most affordable. For the screen repairs we never require prior booking with the average repair times kept to less than 20 minutes. We have invested heavily in the building, and have gradually converted it into a showpiece repair facility. The business has a long and illustrious history with repairing not only iPhones, but all other mobile phone currently available.


Our business has a long history, this is an old painting of the shop from 2003. Just to illustrate the buildings remarkable transformation see pictures below of our store in its current guise.


We have probably the most modern and well equipped store in the UK Our company's reputation for excellence and dedication to perfection can be seen in any every repair we attempt. We have been setting the pace in terms of repair quality, affordability and turn-around times, our competitors have been scrambling to play catch up ever since. Often copying our blurbs and rehashing the businesses motto's and pawning them off as their own. While we are flattered by some of the plagiarism we encounter, its pertinent enough for us to at least inform our customers.


The first floor was converted to a dedicated iPad Repair Centre in late 2012 by Vadim Dryomov, expert iPad technician, assuring that your iPad is in safe hand with our astrophysics Engineer. We are strong proponents of individualism and originality, our website content was completely written by us, all pictures of our ultramodern facility are authentic and we are committed to complete transparency. To our knowledge there is no other business in the trade of repairing smart phones that has anything even remotely similar to our leading-edge premises. While we focus primarily on iPhone Repairs, We also offer a full service solution for the majority of the Samsung Galaxy series. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the repair process.