Micro Soldering Repairs

We Excel with our Refined Skills and Expertise.

FROM £45

We repair all brands of laptop, including Apple, Samsung, DELL, Sony Vaio and Lenovo.

Our repair expert are versed in the fine art of soldering and all micro soldering tricks to solder any components or charging port that have become faulty over time or broke due to excessive use, all the repairs are carried out in-store and usually within the hour providing a great service for all our customers in the Leeds/Bradford area and beyond. We have in-store the latest state-of-the-art rework station that our senior technician modified resulting in a factory finish with any component or charging port we perform clinical surgery on.

Our technicians now offer a soldering or even micro soldering service for all devices, we have an infra-red welding station at our disposal for the more technical repairs we carry out. Recently we just acquired a custom made hot air reflow station with a built-in full reflow oven.

We can carry out micro soldering repairs when your logic board fails on your MacBook or laptop. The logic board is the main component of any electronic device and if it fails the machine will not power or become unstable. The motherboard/logic board is the part used as a gateway between the components such as the CPU, the RAM Memory, the hard disk drive, etc... This is one of the most crucial component.

Highly Skilled Technicians:

If the motherboard has failing components on the printed circuit board the symptoms will vary according to these faulty components, the most common symptoms could be the machine not charging or switching off randomly, white screen, Hard Disk Drive or SSD not recognised, dimming screen, no power, keyboard failure or no display. All components on the motherboard of a PC, laptop or Mac are fragile and must be handled with great care.

Our technicians can replace all the components, micro chips and ICs using state-of-the-art soldering machines , desoldering any faulty components and replacing with new components. All of this is done in-house and usually within a few hours. This is very technical work and require expert technicians with the highest skills and dexterity to carry out the repairs. You can trust Laptop Service Leeds with all of your micro-soldering repairs as our work is backed with a 12 months warranty and legendary repair technicians.

When replacing laptop screens we only use original LG screens every time. Our overseas purchasing branch sourced the highest quality LG screen in South Korea cutting out any middlemen and avoid the LCD market contamination.