We Are Industry Leaders With Our Cutting Edge Philosophy and Skill-Set.

Why Choose Us

Our technicians are handpicked from a panel of industry leaders, then partake in a rigorous training program. Even the most experienced of technicians are expected to undergo this training procedure and approval. Using only the latest technology and highly skilled, dextrous technicians, along with original parts we guarantee that your device is 100% safe at all times. Our experienced and adroit team has rescued thousands of devices with a wide variety of faults, therefore we confidently offer a 12 month warranty on all repairs undertaken in store.


Our on-site technicians are renowned in every aspect of iPhone, iPad and tablet devices, they take exceptional pride in all repairs carried out. With all devices evolving in technology, so have the skills of our bonafide technicians; this is illustrated by the clinical repairs executed at our state of the art repair lab and with cutting edge equipment.

Rapid Repairs

Our highly experienced and dextrous technicians are familiar with a wide variety of repairs and are able to complete most repairs within 20 minutes as they work in a methodical and logical process ensuring there is no backlog and all repairs are cleared there and then.

No Appointment Required

We are able to provide a speedy service to customers because our technicians are highly skilled and work swiftly as well as flawlessly. Therefore there is no need to make an appointment and we invite you to come in store and have your device repaired right in front of you, while you wait.

12 Months Warranty

We are confident that all our repairs as well as parts are to a impeachable standard, therefore we offer a complimentary 12 month warranty on all repairs undertaken in store. An exceptionally outstanding service is what we provide and have been for the past 10 years.

We Reunite You With Your Handset Within Minutes

We know better than anyone how dear are our customers handset. We always aimed to return customer's handset as fast as possible. We offer while you wait services on nearly all repairs, with screens taking less than 30 minutes you can just about squeeze a coffee in from the Costa less than a minutes walk away from the store. Upon consultation we quote a time period and understand it is difficult without your device, therefore it is our foremost priority to have your device repaired and working in your hands as soon as possible. We can do this because our technicians work methodically and efficiently therefore there is never a backlog of devices.


Some of the testimonial of our most loyal customers.We will never thank enough their appreciation of our services and recommendations.

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Louise Brace

As somebody fairly new to this area, I was looking for a reliable, trustworthy, reasonably priced place to have my phone repaired and I am so happy to have stumbled upon this brilliant repair shop. The staff showed unbeatable levels of customer service and made me feel so valued. The manager was so lovely and definitely talented in all areas of phone and tablet repairs! He definitely knew what he was talking about. Not only did I come away with a working phone again, he also gave me a free phone case, amongst other little freebies, just out of kindness! I never normally post reviews but I couldn't resist this time. If anyone is looking to have their phone repaired, don't hesitate to call these guys. They'll help you out!

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Julian Holling

I only went to accompany a friend who needed a screen repair on his iPhone. The staff were brilliant, very knowledgeable. Stood talking to the owner who was very knowledgeable about the products he sells and repairs, easy to talk to an not at all condescending. Made us feel very comfortable. We were shown a range of screens that were available for the repair, 3rd party alternatives plus the original apple products which were very reasonably priced. The repair service was second to none We could have waited while the repair was done, a screen replaced in approx 20 mins. Not many shops can boast that they open for seven days a week but they are so if you need an emergency repair then I wouldn't hesitate to take it to these guys. Looking round the shop they also have a range of other branded phones, tablets and desktop computers for sale. I even noticed a number of games consoles for sale. I would definitely recommend anyone to go take a look, get a quote and take them up on their first class service, both for sales and repair.

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Paolo Pauletto

I brought my Imac 2007 model in this store with a software and Hard Drive problems, the guys inside the shop were very friendly and helpful and they dealt with my Imac's issues in a very professional manner. On top of that the owner gave me a very good deal for a new internal 500GB internal Hard Drive that I couldn't refuse (I had to change mine anyway because it was gonna die soon). What to say, this shop is probably the best and cheapest place where to bring your Imac or any Apple products in general here in Leeds, especially if you are a student or a person that is looking to save a few bucks, don't look elsewhere if you want to repair your Mac, in this shop the owner and the other technicians will look after you. I will definitely come back in the future.

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Maryam Alchaar Tatterton

I needed a new screen for my 12 year olds mini iPad and after searching on google and reading reviews for Iphone Repair Ltd I decided to try them out. The chap was very helpful and said if I had an hour and a half to kill I could collect it later. Knowing the attachment of said 12 year old to the iPad I did just that. The battered and broken machine I took in now looks all shiny and new, thank you so much! Whilst waiting for my ride home I had a good look around the shop. There is everything techy you could want or need. So a cover and charging lead were added to my bill and I left fully kitted out. Thanks so much.

Anymore question about our services?

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