PC Software and Hardware Repairs

We Excel with our Refined Skills and Expertise.

FROM £35

We repair all brands of laptop, including Apple, Samsung, DELL, Sony Vaio and Lenovo.

We are specialist in PC Repairs, our crack team of repair technicians are versed in the fine art of all Personal Computer repairs as well as networking and servicing business machines. We can help you improve the performance and speed of your machines by optimizing it by only keeping essentials applications regularly updated. This will increase the speed and declutter your system resulting in a super high performance gain.

We can maintain all your machines at a small cost removing viruses, spyware and any other non desirable programs ensuring that your PC resources are utilized to the best of their ability providing you the end user the ultimate PC experience.

Our crack team of technicians are also well versed in data transfer from an old out of date machine to the latest PC you may have purchased from us or any other company. We will be able to transfer files, music, photos, videos, personal preferences and settings (saved password, bookmarks and search history) to your new machine. You can call our store 7 days a week and speak to any of our technicians regarding enquiries or problems you may have. We promise to keep your machine safe from viruses and hackers' attacks trying to steal your personal information and banking details.

We are a large business that has been established for 20 years with many repeat customers, the majority of our business comes from recommendations. Some customer have problems connecting peripheral devices such as smart phones, printers and camera etc to their computer at home , our technicians are renowned in the industry for their technical experience hence you can call in anytime and consult with them to diagnose the issue. Our technical team will help you through the hard times when you are struggling to transfer data or move photos or music across your devices. We are the best and always leave other businesses behind.